Tropica Sandals - Mustard & Tan


Playing in nature , beach holiday or back-garden totter, let little feet get some air with this perfect pair.

Open-toe toddler sandals in luxurious leather - combine comfort, ease and style with our chic, classic Summer shoes. Slip on and off these little gems, ideal for pre-walker and toddler, they have non slip rubber soles.

Made with breathability and natural movement in mind.

 Perfect summer sandals. Designed for those little feet that capture our hearts and minds, the Wandering Woods collection is inspired by the Goose and Gander vision to create comfort and unique style for chic mini-explorers - as they totter their way into Summer. All sizes with a rubber sole!

Inspired by outdoor play, nature and earthy tones, quirky details, breathable, soft, safe, luxurious, simply made for your little loved one to step stylishly in to Summer